Sexual Exploitation, Sexualized Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence is common within the Commercial Sex Trade in Nova Scotia.

Did you know that there is a Provincial Partnership of professionals, agencies and organizations working together to address these complex issues in Nova Scotia?

TESS Partner Agencies have staff that are knowledgeable and have received a minimum of 10 hours of survivor-informed training about the sex trade in Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, participation in the commercial sex industry is mixed between independent, survival-based and 3rd party controlled youth and adults.

TESS Partners work with girls, women, boys, men and gender diverse individuals across the province, using best practice and harm reduction strategies to provide them with the services they have told us they need.

Whether someone is at-risk, entrenched or exiting the commercial sex trade, TESS Partner Agencies offer various supports and services that are specific to the experiences trauma that can result from engagement.

We are here to support all victors, thrivers, victims and survivors of sexual violence and exploitation in the sex trade with:

  • Peer Support
  • Outreach
  • Case Management
  • Safety Planning
  • Housing Support
  • Financial Support
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Sexual Health
  • Career Change – Education and Employment Services
  • Advocacy

To find out more about what services are available and how to access services in your community, contact TESS@ywcahalifax.com

Look for this Safe Place Window Decal in your community to access survivor-informed and trauma-specific services and supports