Employment Skills Programs

True equality involves economic empowerment, decision-making, and diverse career opportunities for all women and gender diverse people. The gender wage gap is narrowing, thanks to hard earned gains in expanding opportunities for education and employment, but it remains sizeable.

Women working the “same job” as men earn 9.2 to 20.4 per cent less than their male counterparts, with Indigenous, racialized, and newcomer women facing the largest gaps (Stats Can 2023).

When women and gender diverse people have financial independence, they’re more equipped to escape abusive situations, provide for their families, follow their goals and dreams, and participate in their communities.   

Our free and paid-to-participate Employment Programs work to give participants the resources they need to make desired career changes, find a job that suits their interests, and build on existing skills.

Explore our current program Employment Programs below in the Halifax Regional Municipality.