Our Cause

YWCA Halifax is Halifax Regional Municipality’s only organization that builds economic security, promotes wellness, and creates opportunities for women, girls, and their families by providing a strong voice and integrated services.

We are for, by, and about women and girls. We transform lives by providing a continuum of critical services and programs that build capacity for lasting positive change. We strive to change the underlying causes and issues that are root causes of inequality, violence, poverty, and homelessness.

YWCA Halifax is one of the 32 Member Associations operating within YWCA Canada’s membership frameworks. The organization was one of the first YWCAs in Canada. We have been promoting women’s leadership, and meeting community needs for more than 140 years.

YWCA Canada is the country’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. More than 32 Member Associations are operating in over 400 districts and communities across the country. YWCA Canada is a member association of the World YWCA, which unites 25 million women and girls worldwide and spans 120 countries.

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We work to establish new partnerships and to nurture those who graciously support our cause. As a result, we continue to make it possible for women and children to escape homelessness, violence, and instability, and move towards a brighter future.

Our Mission

We build economic security, promote wellness and create opportunities for all women, girls, two-spirited and gender diverse people and their families by providing a strong voice and integrated services.

Our Vision

We envision a world where women, girls two-spirited and gender-diverse people are empowered in a safe and equitable society.

Accountability & Sustainability

We operate sustainable programming and are financially secure. We implement relevant, purposeful governance policies and practices and manage risk accordingly to remain fully transparent and accountable to stakeholders.

Our Values

Diversity – Inclusion – Respect – Equity – Security – Freedom of Choice – Responsiveness – Collaboration

Four Focus Areas

  • Promote the leadership, health and wellness of women and girls
  • Advance women’s economic and housing security
  • Deliver quality, accessible, developmental early learning and child care
  • Work to end violence against women and girls

Guiding Principles

When developing programs and services, we will always apply the following questions:

Will it further our mission?

Is it consistent with our values?

Necessary – is there a demonstrated community need?

Is it sustainable?

Will it make a difference in our community?

Feasibility – can we do it well?

Are we the best one to do it – Should we partner, refer or support others?