Strong With Survivors

Join us for yoga, sport, and movement sessions to help us end gender-based violence. All Strong With Survivors proceeds support the YWCA Halifax December 6th Fund that gives women and gender diverse survivors the resources they need to leave dangerous and abusive situations.

How Do Strong with Survivors Sessions Work?

When you participate in a studio session with your chosen yoga, sport, or movement activity, you financially support life-saving programs while bringing awareness to your community.

Rather than charge an entry fee, our fantastic studio and venue partners will be collecting donations for the YWCA Halifax December 6th Fund. 

Want to Host a Strong With Survivors Event? Partner With Us!

Hosting a Strong with Survivors session is an opportunity to empower your fitness and movement community by supporting life-saving programs together.

To set up for your class,

  1. Choose a date and timeslot that works best for you and your community.
  2. Schedule the class as a donations-based session through your studio’s scheduling platform.
  3. Collect donations! You can instruct attendees to donate directly to YWCA Halifax’s Canada Helps page OR collect donations as a studio and donate one large gift after the event.

Contact Jenny at to plan your event or learn more!

Free Strong With Survivors Event Toolkit!

YWCA Halifax will also help advertise your event on our website, social media, and networks!

About the December 6th Fund

The hidden price of leaving your abuser often feels like a barrier no one else can see.

The December 6th Fund addresses these challenges with non-interest-bearing microloans of up to $500 for women and gender diverse people fleeing abuse. The microloan can cover housing-related costs including but not limited to, damage deposits, rent, utilities, arrears, moving or storage payments, and phone and internet bills.

When women and gender diverse people are given the supports and opportunities to leave an abuser(s), they can empower themselves and build a better life.

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