Early Learning & Child Care

Child care services are a cornerstone of gender equality. Women, on average, are expected to take on most twenty-four-seven child care responsibilities in both double and single parent households. When child care is available, women and parents can continue their careers, schooling, or meet other goals while remaining present in their child’s life.

Affordable, accessible, quality child care increases women’s participation in the workforce, increases women’s economic empowerment, and has a dramatic impact on helping women play central roles in our communities.

One of the Largest Child Care Providers in Canada

As one of the first licensed child care facilities in Nova Scotia, YWCA Halifax has a long history of providing quality, inclusive Early Learning and Child Care programs. Together, the 32 YWCAs across Canada are the second largest child care provider.

We are proud to offer Early Learning and Child Care options to families through our licensed child care centres, family home child care providers, and before and after school programs.

YWCA Halifax operates all our Early Learning and Child Care programs from principles of inclusion and family-centred care.  We work closely with parents and caregivers to ensure best outcomes for all children.