Supportive Housing

We are advancing women and gender diverse people’s housing security.

There are hundreds of women, gender diverse people, and children in Halifax who remain severely disadvantaged and without the basic necessity of a safe home. Despite over 100 years of progress toward equality, recent decades have seen a tragic and needless rise in women and gender diverse people’s homelessness across Canada. Single parent families, mostly led by women, make up the majority of homeless families.

There are 1718 people using shelters in Halifax. For over 25,000 families in Halifax, there is a thin line between having money for groceries and being out on the streets. Homelessness is devastating. Housing is a fundamental and basic need that must be met in order for women and gender diverse people to achieve economic security, escape violence, and build capacity.

We are dedicated to providing women and gender diverse people with housing security, and providing integrated support to break the cycle of homelessness. Annually, we provide 16. 644 service days for women and gender diverse people in our housing programs (based on 95% occupancy).