Shift Change

YWCA Halifax Shift Change project began in 2018 with a question of how to further women’s economic security in the field of skilled trades, funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE). Shift Change for Equity and Inclusion work continues with the support of the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency and renewed support of WAGE.

The Shift Change project is taking a systems-based approach that focuses on working with community agencies, industry agencies, employers as well as lived experience to change some of the workplace culture norms that get in the way of retaining and advancing women in trades in all their diversity.

We are on a learning journey with partners to be more equitable in our work that includes women as well as underrepresented people.

YWCA Halifax has been engaged in employment programs for over 150 years with women, many of whom are in the experience of poverty. The YWCA Halifax is part of a national feminist movement and has joined the Nova Scotian women’s movement in skilled trades to help support women to access secure jobs with family-sustaining wages and increasing the number of women working and advancing in their careers in this sector.   

We do our best to share learning and invite participation in this work

Gender Inclusive Leadership Training Course

This is a course designed and delivered for male supervisors working in skilled trades. It involves 30hrs of mixed in-person and online work including action learning. The work is dialogue based and includes concepts like understanding and awareness of gender in the workplace, gender differences and identities, power and privilege, communication, gender-based violence, conflict resolution, leadership and action planning.

Learning Reports

Our Team: 

Stephanie Gill, Project Assistant, 

Tracy Boyer, Project Coordinator,