Shift Change Supervisor Training Program

The “Gender Inclusive Leadership Training Course” is designed and delivered for male supervisors working in skilled trades. It includes 30 hours of hybrid work (in-person and online).

The work is conversation-based and includes concepts like:

  • Understanding and awareness of gender in the workplace
  • Gender differences and identities
  • Power and privilege
  • Communication
  • Gender-based violence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Action planning

Through this unique program, we’re seeing big change happen in small business. Participant organizations are seeing leaders emerge and teams get stronger. Supervisors are seeing team culture shift more positive and inclusive.

“I’m being more engaged in conversation. Speaking up in situations I may have just walked away from if I was uncomfortable. I feel like I am much more prepared to have an uncomfortable conversation with others to help promote a positive workplace culture”

Training Program Participant

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