December 6th Fund

Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

This number does not reflect unreported cases of violence.

We know that when you give women a way out of an abusive situation, they become empowered and committed to building a better life.

We are working to end violence against women and girls.

“It is not easy to just leave. It takes money and support and you need a safe place to go. I was able to leave a bad situation and make a safe environment for myself and my kids.”

Program Details

Program Details
Financial Support 
Non-interest bearing microloans of up to $500 for housing-related costs, which may include damage deposit, rent, power payments/arrears, moving or storage costs, and phone/internet payments. Flexible and affordable repayment schedule based on individual means.
Resource Navigation & Advocacy 
The Program Coordinator can provide resources, referrals and advocate as needed, in relation to the loan process.
Referrals to Wrap Around Supports
This program does not provide Case Management outside of the loan process. For broader needs, the client may work with the referring organization, or the Program Coordinator can make a referral to another organization in the client’s local area.

Eligibility Requirements

Female identifying people 18 years or older, living in Nova Scotia, who
are currently fleeing, or have recently fled, abuse or violence. Applicants must have a source of income (income assistance or other benefits are acceptable), and have their own bank account, or be willing to open one during the application process.

Applicants from outside HRM will also need to provide a referral letter from a support organization.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Contact the Program Coordinator to begin. This includes an initial screening call, an intake appointment, and a follow-up appointment.

Contact Details

Angela Britton (She/Her)