Women in Supported Housing (WISH)

WISH recognizes that there is limited access to safe, affordable housing for women who have experienced homelessness, traumatic pasts, and mental health related concerns. These women often have difficulty in securing long-term housing.


“Thank you for never giving up on me and for giving me the safe space I needed to regain my life. I could not have done this without the support of WISH.”

~ Anonymous WISH Participant


We are changing lives.


34Providing support for single women
Women in stage 1
Women in stage 2
164Women helped from 2010-2015


What is WISH?

WISH provides safe, secure, supported housing to 34 single women. The women at WISH are 19 and older and have experienced homelessness, and have barriers to stable housing.

WISH Offers

  • A furnished apartment
  • Financial management
  • Home visitation
  • Eviction prevention
  • Case planning
  • Service navigation
  • Individualized support
  • 24-hour emergency on-call support.


Individuals who identify as women are eligible for WISH if they are: homeless or at risk of homelessness, and in receipt of income assistance. Potential participants also require approval from their income assistance worker to participate, and agree to sign and uphold the housing agreement.


Make an appointment to complete an intake. Once the intake has been completed and approval is granted, the participant is placed on a waiting list until a unit becomes available.

Please contact the Program coordinator for more information: