Financial Literacy for Newcomers (FLNP)

We know that Newcomers to Canada face a lot of challenges getting useful financial, educational and other advice during the settlement process. These challenges include language differences, cultural differences and settlement barriers. These challenges make poverty a growing reality for many newcomer families.

The cycle-nature of poverty can make it even harder to access opportunities to build financial literacy. But people struggling with poverty have the most to gain from programs that can help them move towards financial stability. We know that newcomer women and gender diverse people require more training to get successful jobs, and need a safe space and combined services. 

We are removing the multiple barriers newcomer women and gender diverse people face to fully participate in Canadian life. We are lifting language barriers, and providing financial literacy and education to ensure a better understanding of Canada’s financial system, and start a better life.

We are providing a fresh start.


“I opened a Registered Education Savings Plan for each of my children and I’m saving money for them.


I like this Program – it helps me to help my family!”


What is FLNP?

Reaching over 500 Newcomers annually, we provide support and educational programming in areas such as budgeting, savings, credit, and buying a home in Nova Scotia. FLNP provides newcomers with a better understanding in how to navigate Canada’s financial system. At the same time, they are improving, and accelerating the settlement, and integration experience.

FLNP Offers

Newcomers take part in financial literacy education training that includes:

  • Budgeting
  • Savings
  • Credit cards and credit scores
  • Debt
  • Investments
  • Income tax
  • Mortgages
  • Small business plans

Financial literacy education is done through:

  • Workshops
  • One-on-one support
  • Tax clinics


Newcomers to Canada who need help or are simply interested in understanding Canada’s financial system are eligible for this program. 

How to Apply

Registration is ongoing. Please contact our program coordinator for more information and enrollment.

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