Family Home Child Care

Family Home Child Care offers the warmth of playdates with your neighbour, trusting the local nanny, or being cared for by community, all paired with exceptional, monitored standards. Child care providers connected with YWCA Halifax welcome children into their homes to offer families quality, home-like child care right in their community.

All Family Home Child Care providers operate under the guidance of YWCA Halifax, a government licensed child care agency. Wondering how to start your own daycare? Read below to learn how we can help.

Why Choose Family Home Child Care?

Family Home Child Care has unique advantages and benefits for families wanting an alternative, intimate child care option.

Smaller Group Sizes: Providers care for a small group of children, with no more than seven children at a time. These smaller groups give more individual attention and personalized experiences for each child.

Home-Like Environment: Family Home Child Care offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that resembles being at home with family. This comfortable setting can positively impact a child’s overall well-being and development.

Flexible Hours: Providers may offer more flexible hours compared to traditional child care centers and can potentially support families with unique work schedules.

Cultural Diversity: Current Family Home Child Care providers represent over 13 countries, offering a diverse range of cultural experiences. A care provider who speaks a child’s home language or can offer familiar foods can help ease a child’s transition into child care.  

Find Your Child Care That Feels Like Home

Contact us to learn more about Family Home Child Care or to be matched with a YWCA Halifax Family Home Child Care provider.

Monique Walsh (she/her)  |  Manager of YWCA Family Home Child Care Program | (902) 817-4638

Growing Child Care in Nova Scotia

The Family Home Child Care program is governed by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Under this program, home child cares across Nova Scotia are approved, monitored, and supported by licensed child care agencies selected by the province.

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YWCA Halifax has filled the role of a licensed agency welcoming new family child care homes for over ten years. Through this program we’ve helped create nearly 300 child care openings for families across Beaverbank, Eastern Passage, Enfield, Dartmouth, Halifax, Sackville, and Timberlea.

You can learn more about the Family Home Child Care Development Project in the report below.

The 2022-2023 report explores the unique value of the Family Home Child Care Program, who care providers are, how people can join the program, and ways the program can continue to evolve.

How to Start Your Own Family Home Child Care Program

Inspired to start a daycare in your community? YWCA Halifax is here to support Family Home Child Care providers from start to service and create a positive experience for providers.

Supports include:

  • Administrative support
  • Access to a Child Care Equipment Library
  • Child Care regulation guidance
  • On-call support from YWCA Halifax staff
  • Professional development and education
  • Subsidized funding options
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Get Started

Contact us to learn more about starting a Family Home Child Care, or visit the official Family Home Child Care website from the Government of Nova Scotia.

Monique Walsh (she/her) |  Manager of YWCA Family Home Child Care Program | (902) 817-4638