Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in the Skilled Trades in Nova Scotia

In the news:

Industry says it’s ‘ready to fight’ sexual harassment in skilled trades, by Taryn Grant, CBC News (Mar 11, 2024 6:00 AM ADT) 

Sexual harassment runs rampant in skilled trades, YWCA study finds, by Taryn Grant, CBC News (Mar 08, 2024 6:00 AM AST)

Webinar: Unpacking Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in Nova Scotia’s Skilled Trades 

In this panel discussion with Stephanie Gill, Robert Wright, Stephen Law, and Dr. Dana Kabat-Farr we unpack the findings of the YWCA Halifax’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment in the Skilled Trades: Key Findings Report. Throughout we explore the topic of hypermasculine workplace culture and its role in sexual and gender-based harassment. We also address the misconception that merely boosting the presence of women and gender-diverse individuals in the skilled trades is sufficient to end sexual and gender-based harassment in the industry. And we explore the role of men in promoting gender justice and strategies for tangible transformation. Click here to access the webinar.