Youth Advisory Council

YWCA Halifax’s Youth Advisory Council, is a committee of young people ages 16-30, advocating and advising on program management and activities. The council members build their capacity for civic engagement through planning and leading youth events and community projects.

Young people today are facing issues never seen before in previous generations. They face a world that is under threat of climate crisis, with an increasingly unsustainable economy, and the full integration of technology and social media into their personal lives. Now, more than ever, our youth need to learn how to manage their mental health, how to build strength in their communities, and fight for a better future. Our staff works collaboratively with our Youth Advisory Council to develop programming to empower today’s youth to make positive, healthy choices.

Our youth are our future. We are striving to create a world where youth are empowered to use their voices as a mechanism for creating lasting change. Youth are central to our mission. Thanks to your support and to the recommendations offered by our Youth Advisory Council, we are able to help over 200 young people increase their self-confidence and leadership skills each year.

We are building leaders.

How to Get Involved

For further information please contact the Youth Programs Team