Experts by Experience (EX2)

This is a unique and interactive service model to help newcomer women navigate the system as well as connect to the right resources.

It can be difficult to figure things out when you first come to Canada. The Experts by Experience program will give you a sense of belonging, and help you feel supported while making this country your home.

You are experts of your own experiences. We hope to harvest ideas from participants on how to improve this service model. We see how beneficial it is when newcomer women help other newcomer women to connect to networks, share information, help and support one another.

Don’t you agree?

Being newcomer women ourselves, we too are experts by our own experiences. Our aim is to create a safe space while we provide you with the needed support as Newcomer Peer Leaders.

You are a valued member of our community and we respect your decision to move here with the purpose of inclusion.

For More Information Contact

The EX2 Program Coordinator at 902-423-6162 x 4241 or

Immigrant Resources