Family Home Daycare

The Family Home Daycare program is licensed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development that approves, monitors and supports family home daycare all over the HRM.

This is a voluntary program offered to lessen isolation, provide knowledge and encourage professional development. Our mission is to help provide safe and quality childcare for children from infancy to school age in a private home setting at no cost to the provider.

The goals of the YWCA Family Home Daycare program are to:

  • Expand access to quality regulated care in a home environment, particularly in communities where subsidized care options do not exist for families.
  • Increase the quality and flexibility of early learning and care options available to families.
  • The agency works with providers to create an appropriate early learning curriculum that is child-centered, play based and reflects the cultural diversity of the children along with their interests.
  • Match families to providers that prefer home daycare over centre based and the opportunity to keep siblings together and the possibility of extended childcare.

The YWCA Family Home Daycare Program has funding for 28 registered homes with the opportunity to enroll seven children (which includes your own children under the age of 12 years)

The agency is committed to support providers who are either; starting up and need support with tables/chairs, cribs etc., or up and running homes that require additional resources and support.

To learn more about opening your own home daycare or to find a home daycare for your family contact the Family Home Daycare Manager