Early Learning & Childcare

We provide quality early learning and childcare.

Ensuring access to childcare is critical to ensuring the economic security and equality of women. Studies show that universal access to early learning would decrease poverty rates for women and their families. We know that every dollar invested in universal, high quality early childhood education produce a two dollar social and economic return to our society.

Children who lack access to early learning are more likely to experience poor school readiness. Studies show that within our community, the lowest school readiness scores were found in Halifax West feeder schools aligned with the least amount of licensed early learning programs. Between 50 and 70% of children under the age of five living on the Chebucto Peninsula do not have the language skills, cognitive ability, physical health, and overall wellbeing status required for school readiness. This demonstrates that our children are entering the school system disadvantaged and unprepared.

When women and families are provided with childcare, they become more economically secure. As one of the first licensed childcare facilities in Nova Scotia, we have a long history of providing quality inclusive early learning and childcare programs. YWCA Canada is the second largest provider of Early Learning in the country.

We are advancing women’s economic security by delivering quality accessible developmental early learning and care. Our programs include purpose-built early learning and childcare centres in the heart of Spryfield, licensed family home day care services, and parent support.

We are leaders in early learning and childcare. 

For all inquiries or to enroll your child today, please contact the Early Learning and Childcare Director at 902-423-6162 ext. 5211 or k.johnson@ywcahalifax.com

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