Trafficking and Exploitation Service System (TESS) Partnership

The purpose of TESS is to create coordinated, community-based systems of response to youth who are being sexually exploited.

The mandate of the TESS partnership is to assist YWCA Halifax in:

  • Providing opportunities for members to collaborate, network and build capacity in their communities to address and respond to the issue
  • Developing service standards and delivering training of best practice for first responders and service providers that are streamlined for effective and supportive intervention
  • Developing community-based intervention models which includes both protocols for immediate emergency intervention as well as sustained long-term exit supports
  • Developing community-specific structural supports and system changes which engage government, community stakeholders and survivors of sexual exploitation
  • Developing prevention strategies which are critical, long-term and address exploitation on both the supply and demand side
  • Producing a comprehensive and collaborative Action Plan for the province of Nova Scotia to address and disrupt youth sexual exploitation and trafficking

Specifically, TESS will work on the following outcomes:

  • Convene community-based action groups to assess and address the issue across Nova Scotia
  • Streamline responses and referral process to mental health, addictions, childcare, educational and employability supports through coordination and collaboration
  • Develop and deliver training, guidelines and emergency response protocols for stakeholders
  • Create a provincial asset map and service directory outlining a clear understanding of each partner’s strengths and limitations
  • Work with rural communities to develop their own emergency response protocols for victims
  • Develop specialized modules focused on sex trafficking for violence prevention school based groups

If you are a service provider who would like more information about TESS, please contact Thunder Shanti Narooz van Egteren at