Safe Landing

Safe Landing is a 3-year policy and program development initiative that focuses in on the issues of long-term housing and aftercare for those who are exiting the sex trade, informed by those with lived experience.  Safe Landing has been funded by Public Safety Canada, with support from the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.  Specifically, Safe Landing seeks to:

The goals of Safe Landing are:

  • To consult with marginalized communities and persons with lived experience of the sex trade to inform policies and practice.
  • To faciliate housing opportunities that provide safe, supportive housing for victims of trafficking which meet their particular needs and address complex trauma.
  • To develop resource materials, share knowledge through training and build capacity regionally and nationally to replicate similar programs.

Educational and Awareness Materials

All content was created through academic and grey literature reviews, as well as national and international scoping reviews, identity-community consultations and speaking with individuals with lived experience. These materials explain the indicators of sexual exploitation, a glossary of terminology used within the sex trade, and practice principles for supporting trafficked and exploited persons.