Women Active Nova Scotia

Despite advances in Nova Scotia to ensure fair access and opportunities for women and girls in physical activity, sport, and recreation, they continue to be underrepresented as participants, leaders, coaches, and officials.

Sport and recreation stakeholders participated in a series of gender equity forums across the province, and through those forums, it became abundantly clear the status quo is unacceptable, and the pace of changes needs to accelerate. To help change that narrative, in 2013, a powerful group of women joined together to make a steering committee to create an organization that supports and promotes women and girls in physical activity, sport and recreation.

After two years of building the foundation, the Province of Nova Scotia, Active Living Branch of the Department of Health and Wellness (now called Community, Culture, and Heritage) provided dedicated funding to the new not-for-profit organization, WomenActive Nova Scotia Association (WomenActive-NS or WANSA).

From 2015 – 2019 WANSA worked on advancing the participation of girls and women in sport, recreation, and physical activity, and empowered them to take on leadership roles across these sectors. In 2019 WANSA began exploring options to find more support for the project manager, and the organization as a whole in an effort to better execute on the Strategic Plan and have a broader impact on the province. YWCA Halifax became the perfect home for WANSA, and in August of 2019, the changes began.

As of December 31st, 2019, WANSA officially dissolved as an organization and their Strategic Plan became a part of the YWCA Community Programs. The new position, titled the Sport and Recreation Inclusion Lead, will continue to focus on the original goals of WANSA.

For more information, please contact the Sport and Recreation Inclusion Lead tmckenna@ywcahalifax.com or 902-456-7806

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